About Dr. Maytham

Dr. Maytham

Botox, Skin Resurfacing, Soft Tissue Augmentation and more.

DR J. C. Maytham graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland, medical school in 1980, Dr. Maytham has practiced in a variety of different specialty areas, including Emergency medicine, as well as establishing his own family practice.

In 1996 his interest veered to the study of Cosmetic Medicine when he expanded his interest and expertise by attending Harvard medical school and obtained certification in current concepts of cutaneous laser surgery.

Dr. Maytham is an active member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, has successfully completed the requirements in laser skin resurfacing and Rejuvenation, Laser and Medical Esthetics, Laser and Light source hair removal, Micro-Implant for soft-tissue augmentation, botox treatments, the new thread lift procedures and sclerotherapy (Vein treatment).

Dr. Maytham had been a member of the Laser Med Group for several years initially performing procedures in his family practice office and local hospital outpatient areas. Dr. Maytham has since opened two private clinics exclusively for cosmetic treatments.