DeCURE Skincare


As founders of deCURE, Ola Öquist and Niclas Engström have a history of creating ground-breaking products. Niclas Engström introduced the concept of Superfruits, today a multi-billion dollar industry. Niclas has a strong experience with skin care and health products.

After trying out various expensive skin care products with no real effect, Niclas and Ola decided to develop skin care products that really work. The will to develop products that actually work without any side effects is fundamental. deCURE aims at fulfilling the promises of the beauty industry.

The core perspective has always been “What if?”. What if you can minimize wrinkles and folds without surgery? What if you can experience rich, full lips without injections? deCURE is creating a new category of beauty products with an uncompromising attitude towards each composition. The ambition to always create the best. Nothing is ever as good as it can get.