Add volume and length to your lashes

Blinc mascara is the original mascara invented to form tiny water-resistant “tubes” around your lashes rather than painting them like conventional mascaras. Once applied, the tubes bind to your lashes and cannot run, smudge, clump, or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes.

Blinc mascara will add both volume and length to give you a radiant natural look that lasts all day. Only when you are ready for removal, the tubes will effortlessly slide off your lashes into your hand without the use of a harsh makeup remover.

All it takes is the combination of lots of warm water and gentle pressure, from your fingertips, a washcloth or water pressure (i.e. shower) and the tubes will slide off your lashes effortlessly. Upon removal you will actually see the tiny tubes in your hand!

Blinc mascara has been clinically tested to be non-irritating making it ideal for sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers, and active people in search of a mascara whose look, hold and ease of removal is without compromise.

Why choose Blinc Mascara?

  • Forms a tube around each eyelash.
  • Cannot run even you cry or sweat.
  • Will not smudge even if you rub your eyes.
  • Rich texture adds volume & length without clumping.

Is it waterproof?
No. It’s better! Waterproof mascaras are so tenacious that they can often be difficult to remove, requiring considerable time, effort and the application of a harsh make-up remover to the delicate skin around the eyes. Ophthalmologists agree that some women should avoid wearing a daily mascara that requires a make-up remover to come off. Blinc mascara provides better hold than most waterproof mascaras yet only requires plenty of warm water and gentle pressure to slide off the lashes at the end of the day.

What if I cry?
Crying generally does not produce enough moisture to loosen Blinc mascara’s hold to the lashes. If enough moisture does accumulate, it would still need to be combined with pressure to remove the mascara. Now, if you cry (or sweat) and rub your eyes a few of the mascara’s little tubes may slide off (as opposed to running across your face). The tubes are easily wiped away as you would a grain of sand on your face.

Can I swim with it on?
Many women do but at that level of saturation the mascara will slide off if some pressure is applied. It will not, however, run across your face like many conventional mascaras.

Will Blinc mascara still stay on?
I tear a lot and I have oily skin around my eyes.
In general, the small amounts of moisture secreted by the skin or tear ducts are not enough to neutralize Blinc mascara’s hold to the lashes. If you don’t rub your eyes while they are moist the mascara should remain intact. If you do rub your eyes while the lashes are moist, a few of the tiny tubes Kiss Me mascara has formed around the lashes may slide off, rather than smear like ordinary mascaras.

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